3. Made a lampshade out of neon yarn and holographic tape. (at Lil’ Kimball)


  4. kdyldy:

    *i’m a str8 dude who can’t sit next to my str8 dude friend because that’d be weird and now i’m going to shout across the train car because other people don’t matter and i own the world*

  5. manamorimoto:


    2nd attempt

    I don’t know if you know but I printed out 6 of this photo and embroidered each differently to make this gif!

    Soooo liiike these yellow lines you see are all threads too!

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  6. Finally got my new website up and running check out chris-mcdonald.com to see some of the things i’ve been working up to these past 4 years!

  7. chrispymcnugget:

    embroidery on old magazine images. Chris McDonald 2014©

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  8. chrispymcnugget:

    typewritten text on old magazine image. Chris McDonald 2014©

    started a new blog to focus on my work, come check it out!

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    Tim Taylor, Domestic Erosion, 2003

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